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DS: Sixh., MelT, GLAD NEWS, IDEA ROCK & Peace Now (Prices reduced. Nothing above 50,00€!)

Please read the sale information:
* Prices are listed in Euro (€).
* I only accept payments via PayPal. (or bank transfer within Germany)
* I don't charge additional PayPal fees.
* I ship from Germany via Registered Airmail or DHL Small Packet. Both options include a tracking number.
* Shipping costs vary. Please tell me where you live so I can give you a quote.
* I would really like to see these things go, so I will consider reasonable offers.
* I'm not interested in trades.
* All sales are final. No exchange or refund.

* Please scroll down the vk_sales feedback page to see my feedback:
* I also have positive feedback on egl:

All of these items are up for sale because they're either too big for me or because I just don't find the opportunity to wear/use them. Please be assured that all items are in their listed conditions.
Also please forgive the varying lighting in the pictures, sadly the weather is very inconsistent here. If you would like more pictures of an item, just let me know and I'll gladly take them for you. I don't do worn pictures though, since the clothes don't fit me properly anyway.
Thanks for looking!


1) IDEA ROCK Cross Ring

More pictures: one
Condition: New with box.
Inner Diameter: 1,98cm
Inner Circumference: 6,22cm
Ring Size: US 10 / JP 20
Comment: Please make sure to check your ring size, if you're interested in this item.
Price: 10,00€

2) GLAD NEWS Purse

More pictures: one
Condition: New without tags.
Size: 16cm x 14cm x 7cm
Comment: A small purse that fits the essentials (wallet, keys, smartphone).
Price: 5,00€

3) GLAD NEWS Leggings

More pictures: one
Condition: New with tags.
Waist: 56cm
Hips: 78cm
Lenght: 90cm
Comment: The leggings are decorated with studs on the front and the back is plain black.
The retail price was 4.725JPY.
Price: 10,00€

4) Sixh. Ibi Shawl with Chain Details and Pendant

More pictures: one
Condition: New with tags.
Size:  70cm x 160cm
The retail price was 9.975JPY.
Price: 20,00€

5) Sixh. Ibi Armwarmers

More pictures: one
Condition: Never used, like new.
Size: The armwarmers are adjustable, they can go up to 28cm around the wrist.
Price: 10,00€

6) Sixh. Ibi Vest

More pictures: one, two
Condition: New with tags
Size: It's 70cm long. The bust is pretty much free size, since the vest is only closed with a variable clasp in the back.
The retail price was 11.550JPY.
Price: 25,00€

7) Sixh. Ibi Limited Edition Jacket

More pictures: one, two, three
Condition: New with tags.
Bust: 84cm
Lenght: 44cm
Shoulders: 37cm
Comment: This jacket was a limited run and could only be purchased through preorder. Only five were produced.
The fake fur collar is removable.
The retail price was 23.100JPY:
Price: 50,00€

8) Sixh. Ibi one-of-a-kind Tribal Denim

More pictures: one, two, three
Condition: New with tags.
Waist: 78cm
Hip: 92cm
Lenght: 100cm
Comment: These jeans were bleached, dyed and printed by Ibi himself. He always just makes one of each design, so they're one-of-a-kind.
My camera had difficulties to pick up the colour of the dye correctly. The pants are teal and this picture shows it the most accurate.
The retail price was 18.900JPY.
Price: 45,00€

9) Sixh. MelT Long Shirt

More pictures: one, two
Condition: New with tags.
Bust: 80cm
Lenght: 80cm
Shoulders: free
The retail price was 11.550JPY.
Price: 15,00€

10) Peace Now Vest

More pictures: one, two
Condition: New with tags.
Bust: 84cm
Lenght: 60cm
Shoulders: 32cm
The retail price was 12.390JPY.
Price: 15,00€

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I'll take both vests, please.
Thank you for your interest!

According to your profile you live in the US, is that right? If so I could either ship them as Registered Airmail for 9,15€ or as a small parcel with DHL for 15,79€.
Please let me know your preferred shipping method and your PayPal address.
That is correct, and Registered Airmail is good. My paypal is troxye [@] hotmail [.] com
Just sent the invoice. Thank you for the purchase!
Paid! Thank you!